1- Consultations: Providing legal consultations.
2- Contract: Preparing, drafting, and checking contracts and agreements.
3- Pleadings: Presenting proceedings and pleadings in judicial and semi-judicial authorities.
4- Arbitration: Preparing arbitration documents and completion of procedures.
5- Reconciliation: Playing the role of reconciliation between conflicting parties and to submit reconciliation document to related authorities.
6- Authentication Activities : Including real-estate sale, power of attorney, contracts of companies, assets division.


The notable tasks that offered by the center, are the following:

The notable fields that in which the center serve, are the following:
1- Financial transactions: Different types of financial transactions cases, such as sales, partnership, mortgage, proxy, donation, guarantee, endowments, etc.
2- Commercial documents: Different cases of commercial documents with governmental agencies and others.
3- Financial markets : Cases of financial markets, all aspects related to capital market, and others financial governmental agencies.
4- Human and financial resources : Cases of human and financial resources in companies, with governmental agencies and others.
5- Companies: Undertaking procedures of companies establishment and authentication, registration agencies and trademarks .
6- Stocks : Clearance of real estate stocks and stocks trading .
7- Inheritances: Preparation of commandments, division and administration of inheritances.
8- Insurances: Cases of insurance .
9- Regulations: Preparation, drafting and development of regulations projects, engineering and documentation procedures and design models .
10- Banks : Legal consultations for banks.


Working Rules of the Center:

The center deals with local cases in accordance with rules and regulations applied in Saudi Arabia, and as per to requirements of international trade and global agreements which Saudi Arabia represents one of their parts.

Targeted Groups with the Service

The center has different tasks inside and outside Saudi Arabia (included foreign investment) for the following below:
1- Individuals
2- General Establishment.
3- International Companies working in Saudi Arabia.
4- Private Companies.
5- International Companies desired to work in Saudi Arabia
6- Governmental Agencies

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